The Identity Headshot Session

Our Session

Before we click our camera, we ask you a crucial question: who is your customer? The image we are after is the image that best represents you in a way that connects and engages with the customer you have in mind. Hence, we need to spend time in getting the image to serve that purpose. 

Each headshot session lasts roughly 15 - 30 minutes. This is because the majority of people require a bit of time to "warm up" in front of the camera. We want you to be comfortable and be open to our expertise and recommendations during the shoot. Each person will be coached or directed in order to capture his or her personality in a professional, natural and contemporary way. Proofing of the photos is done during the session itself. 

Our Equipment

We only use professional cameras and lighting equipment. A white backdrop is usually used for headshots, but can be changed to suit the client’s preference, pending availability. During the shoot within our studio we will have a monitor for client proofing. 

Clothing and Hair/Make-Up

This is an important part of personal branding. Your clothes communicate who you are and your personal style. Smart casual or business attire is the style most people prefer for a headshot. Light makeup is recommended as is properly groomed hair. 

We recommend a solid colour top or coat/blazer and tie. We suggest you keep accessories at a minimum. We discourage the use of any accessory that will distract from your face, such as necklaces or dangling earrings.

Final Product

The client will get to choose one image. This will be retouched and given in the following orientations and formats. Each client can expect 3 files in total. 

  • One high resolution JPEG file, 3:2 aspect ratio at 300 dpi in landscape orientation
  • One high resolution JPEG file, 4:5 aspect ratio at 300 dpi in portrait orientation
  • One high resolution JPEG file optimised for social media like LinkedIn. This is sized at 1:1 aspect ratio at 300 dpi on a tight crop to maximise the head, which is best for thumbnail sized profile photos. Hence, you can be sure you can still be noticed even on a thumbnail. 

To view how the final images will look like, click here.