Why Do You Need A Headshot?


A headshot, simply put, is a photograph of one’s face.Yet it can be so much more.

We’ve all had one at some point: IDs, passports, CV photos. Chances are, we didn't like them because the image on the photo reflected stiff and uninteresting version of ourselves. We tend to try to avoid taking headshots at all cost.

However, nowadays the first impression you leave is the headshot you have posted, whether it's in a website, social media, etc. This is why all true professionals and executives make a big effort in ensuring that their headshot conveys professionalism and elegance.

Here are some reasons YOU need professional headshot services:

Headshots act like the packaging you see on a product. It is more often than not the first point of contact you have with your potential customer. Manufacturers know too well that first impressions count a lot and whatever they say on the pack have to be supported by good visuals. So it is with your headshot. You won't be beside your photo to defend it if it looks boring, uninteresting or untrustworthy. So let your headshot do justice to the work that you do. 

Headshots communicate your personal brand. You want to appear approachable enough to connect with the person reviewing your portfolio, website, etc. There needs to be an element of personality; such that the image engages its audience.

Headshots answer the question: Can I be trusted? Your headshot is most likely the first point of contact for the people you are trying to reach: potential customers, hiring professionals, dates. Make sure you're conveying trust.

Headshots project value. People will pay good money if they perceive that a brand is trustworthy and valuable. This includes people. What is shown in your photo must communicate value and quality to establish an impression.

What are some instances where a proper headshot is crucial?

1. LinkedIn profile photo - not only look professional but stand out from the clutter
2. Company’s intranet photo- especially if your current one looks like a hideous passport photo or mugshot
3. CV
4. Website or business card
5. Dating profile photo
6. Advertising materials (especially for real estate agents)
7. Casting purposes for aspiring actors and actresses

Say goodbye to those frozen smiles, blank looks and stiff poses. Our goal in every headshot session is to show the best you in the photo: smart, confident and approachable. Contact us today on how we can help you get that headshot that gets noticed by the audience you are talking to.